Melbourne Cup Celebrated E-Web Style!

Melbourne Cup Celebrated E-Web Style!

On Tuesday 3rd November, the nation stopped to watch the infamous Emirates Melbourne Cup race. E-Web however didn’t just stop to watch the race; we stopped to have a celebration!

Watching a race and having an office sweep just isn’t enough for us eager E-Webbers! Marc and Michael, the event co-ordinators, went all out with an office sweep, fashions on the field, prizes, photos, food and drinks.

The event started with drinks on arrival, followed by watching the race. With everyone backing the favourites to win, it was a Shocking finish. Andrew however was pleasantly surprised to see his horse came first. Hot on the tail of Andrew was Aris and Roberto who managed to scoop up second and third prize respectively.

Once the race was over the fun continued with fashions on the field, or more accurately, fashions on the rec room carpet! We started with the women, all three of us! Each person took to the runway to strut their stuff and Anne came out victorious.

The men however were a different story. Each guy had their own individual look and style on the catwalk. This ranged from Aris’ comical hat and wig combo, to William throwing his pimp style hat into the audience. These tactics however were not enough to beat out the men’s fashion champion… Forzan! With his strip tease mixed with the comical use of suspenders, he provided everyone with a good show.

Once the organised festivities were over, everyone was left to mingle, eat, drink and in true E-Web style, play guitar hero and foosball.

Everyone returned to work excited and on a high. All in all, the afternoon was a pleasant break from the nonstop action of the E-Web office.

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