Melbourne Mania for Gary and Jeff!

Melbourne Mania for Gary and Jeff!

On the 14th of April, Gary and Jeff headed down to Melbourne for a one day trip to attend the Internet Show, a series of seminars and a show case, educating businesses of all sizes to make the most of internet and the profits it can bring.

The Internet show enabled Gary and Jeff to interact and network with other businesses whilst at the same time they learnt valuable lessons about planning and improving online strategies to benefit the E-Web Marketing business. Valuable tips and advice was given about digital advertising and marketing, improvement of websites and learning about how one could make the most with one of the fastest growing trends at this point in time-Social Media.

As if that was not enough awesomeness for a day, Gary and Jeff rubbed shoulders with ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ host, Eddy McGuire whom was coincidentally getting take away at Romeo’s restaurant.

The two thought that their day had maximised its potential for excitement, however they thought too soon as they ran into the 2009 Apprentice Winner-Andrew Morello at Melbourne Airport. The 23 year-old Auctioneer whom believes that  ‘He can sell sand to the Egyptians, oil to the Arabs and ice to the Eskimos.’ joined Gary and Jeff for a photo, before they departed their separate ways.

-Andrew Morello and Jeff Yang

-Andrew Morello and Gary Ng

All in all, a day with learning, networking and star-studded excitement was a day well worth a trip to Melbourne.

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