Mobile Websites – What You Should Be Doing

Mobile Websites – What You Should Be Doing

Though Mobile Marketing is still a relatively young industry, there are two rules of thumb that you should always consider when creating a mobile website:

  1. What are users trying to achieve when they are searching on their mobile devices?
  2. How much time do you think they have if they are searching in this way?

Thinking about the likely answers to these questions, it quickly becomes apparent that mobile users are looking for information on the go, and they want it fast. Whether finding out the best place to shop for a bargain, where to eat, train timetables, or even the weather, mobile users are defined by their readiness to take action.

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But the implications of Mobile Marketing don’t stop there. You also need to think about how mobile websites can be used to increase your online visibility via SEO ranking factors, and how to enhance the mobile user experience. By covering your bases, you stand a better chance of not only attracting mobile visitors, but impressing them enough that they come back time and again.

Ranking Factors

1. Sitemaps – Submit the sitemap for the mobile version of your website to major search engines. Google has two crawlers: Googlebot for traditional desktop sites, and Mobile-Googlebot for mobile specific sites. Being included in one index doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be found in the other.

2. Images and video – Though images and video can engage desktop users, mobile users are a different breed. Overloading your mobile site with content that takes a long time to load will frustrate mobile visitors who don’t want to wait.

User Experience

1. Make it obvious – Aspects of your mobile website that you want the user to interact with should be made to look as such. Mobile visitors don’t have time to browse through every pixel of their screen to find your telephone number.

2. Enable Click-to-Call – People still like speaking with people, especially if they want to book a restaurant or similar. Make sure your contact number renders as visible text, not a slow-loading image file. Or even better, enable Click-to-Call so they can touch the button and dial through straight away.

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With the above being just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other things to consider before creating a mobile website, or any form of Mobile Marketing campaign. One common discussion is whether or not a mobile website should be made, or if a mobile app is the better way to go. I will go into detail about this in the near future so stay tuned!

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