Mums Are Going Online

Mums Are Going Online

In most families, mums are the decision makers for family purchases. In order to keep up with their children, mums are going online and are now among the most savvy users of all online users. From statistics, mums are one of the largest online user groups.

Female Internet

As all marketers should know, mums not only holds the key to purchase decisions but they are also quite influential:

They shop for their kids—and themselves, and when they find something great for their family, they talk about it, not only with their family and friends, but often with a much broader online audience.

I am sure you have or have met or even as a mum yourself, seek advice and share information. The internet, as you can see in the above image, is influencing moms in turn influencing others. So what sources are mums using to research information? From a survey by Cafemom, the top three information sources moms uses to make a purchase decision are general websites, referrals from friends and families and search engines. Mums are now less likely to use TV, magazines, newspaper or radio.

What will mums mostly likely purchase online? According to Cafemom, moms are most likely purchase clothes/fashion accessories, then secondly, food and cooking items, followed by baby and parenting gear.

What moms most likely to purchase

Source: eMarketer

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