Moonfruit Bigger Than Jacko

Moonfruit Bigger Than Jacko

Moonfruit bigger than Jacko!

Recently Moonfruit, a free website builder, became the most twittered about company on this planet, and proved, bigger than Michael Jackson. Moonfruit cleverly showed how a Twitter marketing campaign should be done!

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Moonfruit are giving away 10 new release Macbook Pro’s over 10 days and all you need to do is Twitter a Moonfruit Tweet or come up with a funny or creative tweet yourself. This example shows that companies, who know how to use Twitter, and put it to good use, reap the rewards. This idea is simple and affordable, but, and this is a big but, generates millions of viewers coming to their website and more publicity than Michael Jackson. This catchy idea and ploy of Twitter shows how buzz, excitement and publicity can be spread in just a few days. It’s a real credit to the company and their employees who can capture the consciousness of millions of people and for only a few thousands of dollars.

Online media enables companies to gain professional and admirable publicity, and the companies who have the ability to understand and use the latest technology can take advantage of it and grow their business to new heights.

There are still 4 winners left to be chosen! So if you want a chance to win a Macbook Pro and to support the great use of Twitter and use of social media then Tweet something about Moonfruit!

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