New Keyword Match Type – Broad Match Modifier

New Keyword Match Type – Broad Match Modifier

For a long time advertisers have struggled with the great amount, but potentially low quality traffic associated with ‘Broad Match’ keywords. With the introduction of the ‘Broad Match Modifier’ (BMM) the days of puzzling over a search query report trying to work out the tenuous link between a search that triggered your ad and your keywords could be a thing of the past.  The BMM allows greater exposure and reach than ‘Phrase Match’ whilst enabling much greater control over the quality of traffic than ‘Broad Match’.

To use the Broad Match Modifier all you have to do is insert a plus (+) sign in front of every keyword you want to apply the match type to. The Illustration below details the exposure of each different match type. As you can see the BMM eliminates a good proportion of those irrelevant clicks that waste budget and damage a campaigns performance. 

We have started introducing the BMM into selected campaigns to trial and so far the results look good. As the quality of the traffic is improved, we are seeing greater Click Through Rates (CTR), higher Ad Positions and lower Cost Per Clicks (CPC) whilst still retaining high levels of traffic. Indirectly we would also expect the BMM to have a positive effect on keyword Quality Scores (QS), which increase with CTR and keyword relevance.

All in all the BMM appears to be a great addition to the Google Adwords system and it does beg the question ‘will we ever risk using broad match again?’

For more information on Google’s recent addition check out the Adwords Blog

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