New Staff Bio: Introducing Karl Fung

New Staff Bio: Introducing Karl Fung

Staff bio pic - Cow Cow

Name: Karl Fung
Cow cow
Date of birth:
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Favourite food:
Deep fried siu mai, with a dip of chilli sauce…and curry fish balls, elastic enough that can be used as a ping pong ball.
Favourite Website:
Favourite YouTube video:
yakitate japan ep1 part 1 – an anime dedicated to Bread Baking, yumyum 😛
Most embarrassing moment:
It’s embarrassing enough already, I know better than to announce it on the No.1 SEO Blog in Australia!
Favourite drink:
Green Apple Green Tea.
Favourite holiday destination:
Japan, Slovakia’s a close second.
Most memorable achievement:
Living everyday to its fullest is my most memorable achievement.
I hope to be remembered by:
my perseverance.
I have a talent for:
falling asleep on important occasions.
In my spare time:
I delve into the inner bits and pieces of life’s true meanings.
Favourite saying:
There’s a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray that it is not a train!
Favourite subject:
History……of PC Games
Badminton, Reading, music.
Greatest achievement:
Ranking No.1 for my own name on Google…… Seriously, making everyone I encounter happy in their lives.
Happiest memory at school:
Yay! It’s Friday!
Favourite music:
Badly Drawn Boy, Travis, Les Miserable.
Favourite bit of tech:
Invention I’d like to see created:
Affordable 3D DSLR Camera.
A fashion fad I must have is:
What’s a fashion fad?
The image that reminds me of school is:
Maths homework.
My favourite piece of clothing is:
The invisible cloak.
Next year I hope to be:
I hope to become a:
I’m looking forward to:
buying a new computer.
I hope to work with:
the staff at E-Web Marketing.
When I grow up I want to:
be a dreamweaver. Not the software, but a person who weaves dreams!
The country I’d most like to visit is:
Tibet, the ultimate frontier of every photographer’s dream, unscathed by the destruction from mankind…… Oh wait, it’s not a country… let me just change the question …

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