One Small Step for Marketers, One Giant Leap for Mobile Marketing

One Small Step for Marketers, One Giant Leap for Mobile Marketing

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Australia is in the top 5 smartphone penetration countries in the world. According to a study by Nielsen, Australia has a smartphone penetration that is over 50% – i.e., Over 50% of the population has a smartphone. Internet penetration is over 90% in Australia. If you aren’t convinced, feel free to get a copy of the Nielsen Report.

Mobile marketing is still in its infancy here in Australia, and unlike the markets in South East Asia and the UK, many consumers still don’t know what opportunities their smartphones present them with. Lack of consumer education is one of the main reasons why growth in this new marketing channel hasn’t taken off as it has overseas.

For consumers to embrace this new channel, marketers must provide the education. QR code marketing is a good place to start with mobile marketing, as many companies still use print media. QR codes were invented by a Japanese company for taking stock of manufacturing parts. In Japan and Korea, they are common and consumers know exactly how to engage with them. Uses of QR codes in print media here in Australia is starting to grow but can definitely be improved.

Some QR codes do not give sufficient information as to what exactly the QR code is and what consumer benefits it provides. The image below is an example of what I see quite often.

QR Codes to Improve

These QR Codes should have more information to educate the consumer

To educate the consumer it is important that the following information is provided:

1. What is it? (it is a QR code)
2. How to interact with it? (you need an application on your smart phone to scan it)
3. What the consumer can expect once it has been scanned? (to set the right expectations)
4. An offer or incentive to entice them to engage with the QR code

QR Code Good Education

This QR Code is a good example of educating the consumer

Including the above 4 steps will definitely help your QR campaign build trust with mobile users and put you in a higher position to gain interaction and thus traffic.

Of course, even the most user-friendly QR campaign is largely wasted if your website is not mobile friendly.

Have you seen any good or bad mobile marketing campaigns? If so please share them with us.

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