Online Business Mastery Sydney – July 2012

Online Business Mastery Sydney – July 2012

On Saturday 28th July, we held our first Online Business Mastery seminar at Karstens Conference Venue, conveniently located in The Rocks area of Sydney CBD. Set-up for the event went very smoothly, except we needed to upgrade the room at the last minute due to going over capacity with ticket sales – a very high quality problem to have. 😉

Here is my recap of the event!

So It Begins …

The day started at 9am with a welcome speech from Gary Ng, our Chief Empowerment Officer. Gary spoke about his experience as an entrepreneur, from the humble beginnings of E-Web Marketing in his bedroom office in 1999 to a team of over 30 people today. He stressed the crucial importance of having an online presence is to surviving in 2012’s business landscape, using the examples of Blockbuster v.s. Netflix and Dymocks v.s. Amazon. This set the stage for the fantastic day of learning ahead.

The New School of SEO

In “The New School of SEO” workshop, our Director of Education Jeff Yang gave attendees a crash course in how SEO used to be, how it’s changed and how it is today. He explained the deep impact of the infamous recent Google algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin, as well as the importance of having a social media presence that enables people to “talk about” websites they’re interested in. The majority of attendees didn’t realise that “Panda” or “Penguin” were anything other then black and white animals, but by the end of Jeff’s session they had a newfound knowledge and confidence about SEO.

Macquarie University – A Case Study

Next up, Tim McQueen of Macquarie University took the stage with an interesting case study on how SEO has affected the university’s website. Tim showed graphs and statistics of high search engine traffic growth, demonstrating how powerful SEO can be when executed correctly. Tim also talked in depth about the importance of website usability and how businesses should always be testing what works for visitors and what doesn’t. He even shared a few cute/funny videos with us – one of a cat that explains the importance of user-centred design and another from Google that uses Google Analytics as a real-life example.

Strategies to Gain Unlimited Traffic for FREE

After a short break, it was my turn to take the stage and teach fundamentals of SEO. Jeff introduced me as geeky, knowledgeable, and someone who rarely sees daylight because I’m so involved with SEO – all true, though I’m not sure whether he meant it as a compliment! My presentation focused on what people need to do to get a leg-up on their competitors. I taught them different ways to create content and how to share it effectively so their website becomes an online resource that visitors turn to in order to solve problems. I also gave some pointers on link-building (mainly about what NOT to do to avoid Google ranking penalties), and gave away some free tools for the attendees to play with when they got home.

Interview with Annalisa from Yellow Brick Road

Jeff then interviewed Annalisa Meryment from Yellow Brick Road live on stage. Annalisa explained the importance of online marketing and having messages from different marketing channels sync up to create the best user experience and conversion rates. She also spoke about online competitions and tips to turn them into a highly effective form of lead and sales generation.

3 Steps to Instantly Create Sales

Next up was a workshop about Conversion Rate Optimisation, in which Jeff explained the foundational principles of creating more sales from current web traffic. He went over a case study of an unknown website that made one very small change to its sales process which resulted in a mass gain of sales. He stressed how critical it is to continually test and measure website elements to see what gives the best experience to visitors – which of course results in higher conversion rates.

How To Increase Online Sales

Eli Barel from DealsDirect jumped on stage to explain tips and tricks to increase online sales. One of the topics Eli covered was how discounts can actually be offensive and in order for them to be worthwhile, businesses need to give quite large discounts which often defeats the profitability of the exercise. Instead, he recommended experimenting with things like guarantees, free shipping, and connecting with the Australian market, using several case study examples and calling on audience members to share their own experiences.

Killer Strategies to Run a PPC Campaign

Our Director of Paid Search, Roberto Boschiroli, stepped up to present “4 Killer Strategies to Run a Successful PPC Campaign”. After showing some videos on what Pay-per-Click is and how it works, Roberto got into the nitty-gritty of teaching the audience how to get the maximum return from their AdWords budgets through proper keyword research, campaign optimisation and ad writing techniques. He showed case studies illustrating that big changes aren’t always needed to turn a poorly-performing campaign around. Simple things like adding a “Registered” symbol to an ad can increase its conversion rate. Roberto concluded by talking about a newer AdWords feature called Remarketing, which has enjoyed a very high conversion rate since Google rolled it out last year.


The day ended with a case study on one of our flagship clients that detailed how SEO, PPC and CRO all work together as synergistic components of online marketing success. We answered some questions from the audience before joining them for drinks in the venue’s networking room.

The End

In summary, we all had a great day and met lots of new people. We were fortunate to receive lots of great feedback from the attendees telling us how much they learned and how excited they were to rush home to work on the online side of their businesses. We can’t wait for the next round of seminars we’re planning for September – dates and details to follow soon, so stay tuned! We hope to see you there. 🙂

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