Online Videos to Promote Your Business

Online Videos to Promote Your Business

An article on The New York Times, ‘Known Faces are Displacing the Amateurs in Online Videos’, talked about it how it is becoming more prevalent for celebrities to participate in various online ‘Web Series’, mostly in the form of small video clips sponsoring various products and services.

Using a famous face who represents the qualities of a company’s promoted products/services has the benefit of keeping advertising fun and interesting for web users. The presence of a celebrity and has been shown to have a positive influence on targeting current and potential consumers.

For example, Kraft Foods brought on a famous American TV cook who embodied the personality traits and qualities of the customers the company was trying to reach. The campaign aimed to encourage housewives to upload video clips of them cooking their favourite recipes. The great responses lead to over 5,000 videos being uploaded and shared.

Ideas for online video promotions for your business:

  • Testimonial or case study
  • Product demonstrations
  • Promotional offers or sales
  • Company Profile- who you are, what you do, meet the team

Good online video content should create trust in your brand by putting faces to names in the minds of your website visitors. Dynamic web videos also give others a chance to promote themselves on your website, which will have a positive effect for all involved. They also advance your SEO objectives by creating back links and buzz about your website and company.

The most important things to keep in mind when creating an online video: keep it short, make it fun and interesting, mention who you are and what you do, and describe the benefits of your products/services.

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