Optimising Your Landing Pages

Optimising Your Landing Pages

Landing page optimisation is rapidly becoming the most powerful method that smart internet marketers use to build a lasting competitive advantage. Well optimised landing pages can help transform your business instantly and increase the success and conversion rate of your online marketing campaigns.

Tim Ash, the author of Landing Page Optimisation, teaches that you should not give a guess as to what your visitors want but should “turn your landing page into a dynamic laboratory to find out what your searches actually respond to”.

One interesting concept I picked up from Landing Page Optimisation is the understanding of awareness and attention. Awareness and attention is scarcely thought of in this fast paced world. Individuals are constantly bombarded with information from when they first step out on the street in the morning through to the exhausting last hours of the day. The pace of change constantly increases and can overwhelms us. The internet has given us access to a vast wealth of information, but has not  helped us to organise or make sense of it.

Herbet Simon noted in his book Interdisciplinary Computational and Social Scientist that “a wealth of information creates poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it”.

Herrbet reinforces that it has become increasingly important for us to tap into the mind set of our visitors. Let’s be honest now, when people come to us their commitment is low, they may click away in any moment. They are looking for reassurance, recognition of their needs and a clear path to follow. In knowing this it will help to create a website/ landing page that people actually want to read, that catches our readers eye and encourages them to stay on, read, enquire or make a purchase.

So, for us to do this the experts say to be aware of the awareness rules:
•    If the visitor can’t find something easily, it does not exist;
•    If you emphasize too many items, concepts become diluted and all of them loose importance;
•    Any delays increase client irritation.

Think before building a landing page; consider all the external factors of an individual coming to your site, think about the amount of advertising they have already seen and your competitors. Make their life easier and address the questions they are coming to your site with. Build a landing page for them, keep it simple, test and modify and the rest will follow.

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