Live Salary Case Study

Using E-Web Marketing’s search-friendly SEO, Live Salary increased their traffic by 278% and improved conversions by 90%!



The Goals

  • To get 1000 unique visitors per month
  • To get 2500 unique visitors per month
  • Have all keywords ranking on the first page of Google


The Solutions

  • Ongoing SEO campaign


The Results

  • 278% increase in unique visitors
  • 90% increase in conversions


About Live Salary

Live Salary is an Australian community-based website that allows Australian employees to enter in their salary to compare salary data from other employees in similar roles.

Live Salary’s Situation

Live Salary partnered with E-Web Marketing with the desire to increase their online presence and increase traffic to the website on Google and other search engines using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Six months prior to SEO Live Salary were averaging 940 unique visits and 450 conversions per month.

Our Solution

To increase their online presence, E-Web Marketing worked with Live Salary to identify the most valuable and qualified keywords and target them using innovative and search-friendly SEO tactics.

The Results

Six months into SEO, unique visitor traffic to the website had increased by 278% and conversions had increased by 90%.

One year after the start of the campaign, all keywords we were targeting for were on the first page of Google, with 90% of the competitive keywords in the top 4 positions.

I am extremely impressed by the efforts of the E-Web team. This was our first foray into the World of SEO, and we were unsure of the value that could be delivered. I am happy to say that E-Web smashed every metric I put in place for them. Indeed as of this month we have reached more than 11,000 visitors per month and the SEO campaign has more than quadrupled search engine traffic to the website – an astonishing performance in anyone’s books.

Also worth noting that this was achieved with minimal input or effort required by me, other than marvelling at the great results we were achieving in the monthly reports I received from the E-Web account management team.

Based on the success of this campaign, we are now extending our involvement with E-Web and engaging them to assist with other areas of our business. There is no better testament than that.
Highly recommended.

– Paul Quinn, Owner, Live Salary and Quinntessential Marketing

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