Wordstorm Case Study

During a six month Pay-per-Click campaign, we helped Wordstorm increase their conversions by 290%


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The Goals

  • To increase online enquiries


The Solutions

  • PPC campaign optimisation & analysis
  • Targeted bid strategy
  • Ad testing
  • Keyword research


The Results

  • 230% increase in traffic increase
  • 290% increase in the conversion rate



About Wordstorm

Wordstorm is an Australian-based agency helping businesses promote their brands through publicity and media relations.

Wordstorm’s Situation

In October 2009, Wordstorm partnered with E-Web Marketing with the desire of managing their Pay Per Click campaign for a six-month campaign. The primary goal of Joram Van Der Starre, owner of the business, was to generate online enquiries through wordstorm.com.au.

Our Solution

For a short term solution and immediate results, we recommended a highly optimised Pay-per-Click campaign to drive traffic to the website. To approach the campaign holistically, the paid search team also incorporated keyword research in order to ensure that the traffic not only increased, but qualified to convert.

The Results

During the first month of the 6-month campaign, the efforts of E-Web Marketing’s paid search team generated over 400 clicks and over 10 conversions.

With consistent campaign optimisation, keyword research, campaign analysis, bids strategy and ad testing E-Web Marketing raised the number of monthly clicks and conversions respectively by 797 and 22. This trend continued throughout the campaign, with over 1200 clicks and over 30 conversions generated during February 2010.

“Our online enquiries have tripled in number since starting our PPC campaign with E-Web Marketing. I initially believed that PPC was a short term investment; however I know understand that this medium of online marketing is essential to the continued success of my business. I now recognise the power and reach of PPC and know that by investing more on a monthly basis, I am able to recoup this cost and increase
my ROI…”

– Joram Van Der Starre

With ongoing management, the campaign will continue to generate highly cost effective conversions for Wordstorm.

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