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“My discomfort with marketing myself is holding me back from advancing in my career or building my business”. Larina Kase, New York Times Bestselling author of the Confident Speaker.

Many people do not like the word ‘self promotion’. We can promote all our friends, family, products, co-workers and employees, but when it comes to promoting ourselves we often shy away or avoid the topic all together. Larina Kase believes we need to overcome this fear because studies show acknowledgment; awareness and connections are the most powerful predictors of promotion. Therefore, it is important to know, one can be the best person in the world at what they do, but if their accomplishments and results are kept a secret, they will be too.

So why should we market ourselves? Don’t we want to advance in our professional life or grow our businesses? If you are aware of the good you bring to your clients, customers and so forth, you will notice you want to encourage this and bring this good and passion to other people. Have you ever had a job promotion or gained a bit of self success and seen the positive effect it has had on your own personal life; your family, your partner, you favourite charity, your community, your friends. Larina believes these factors would entice one to promote themselves also known as sharing your results. When you think about sharing your results or success the uncomfortable notion of self promotion seems to go away.

One does not want to be promoting themself obnoxiously or to excess, however we also don’t want to be the extreme on the other end and be overly humble, if we are no one will know what we have to offer others. Below are a few simple steps to help a confident leader position and promote themselves.

Step 1: Understand How You Want People to See You- what word should come to mind when someone thinks of you and your business? Be comfortable without being too humble; think of your greatest strengths and how you want to be viewed.

Step 2: Realise your Commitment and Where You Can Begin Today- take small steps and express your ideas to close friends.

Step 3: Organise Your Team- set up your team and find out who promotes you, clients, friends employees. Simply ask them to express their thoughts to others.

Step 4: Win with the Right Decision- express and promote a few important values that define you and reinforces your brand.

Step 5: Turn Anxiety into Optimal Energy- remember that you are working together and sharing how you will help and make a difference to others. Share your value in how you can make others feel better.

Step 6: Explore your Strengths and Release Control- don’t self promote from a defensive angle, there is no need to overcompensate. It’s a positive move promoting yourself because you are valuable and have plenty to offer. Be confident and honest in yourself; weave your attributions and good aspects into conversation with others.

Believing in yourself and discovering a way to express your own personal contributions, in your own way, will help in achieving your career goals and aspirations while at the same time, bringing joy and benefit to others.

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