Real Time Search Results to Match the Real Time Search

Real Time Search Results to Match the Real Time Search

Google recently announced a, soon be launched, real-time search integrated into search results page.

How does it work?

Previously, only a new search request since the last Google query from the user, would show any new relevant information. Now, a new section will be added on the main results page, which will include a capsule that automatically scrolls relevant information within a few seconds after it pops up in the Web index (see below screen shot).

With Google’s current partnership with Twitter and now recently announced, social media giants Facebook and Myspace to fill in real time data from these sources and utilise them in the ‘latest result ‘capsule. Yahoo answers, news articles and blog posts are other streams which will be regularly updated.
With this change, a person requesting information about the Whistler 2010 Olympic Games for example, would not only receive the static links such as videos, pictures and the official Olympic site, but could now see current updates such as people ‘tweeting’ watching the live race and results from events.
With the teaming up of Yahoo and Microsoft for a partnership in the New Year, Google’s bar has again raised try and trump these search engines to maintain their lead as the dominating search engine on the net.

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