Release of AdWords Editor Version 9.0

Release of AdWords Editor Version 9.0

Earlier this month, AdWords Editor Version 9.0 was released. AdWords Editor is a tool that allows you to manage your PPC campaign more effectively via free-to-download desktop software. Version 9.0 has made improvements to some existing functionalities as well as adding in new features.

  • Full support for Ad Sitelinks

The new version allows you to manage sitelinks via download/upload to your account: making edits, checking changes and importing/exporting.

  • Improved and more efficient import options for data.

You can now upload data from Excel straight into the editor for AdWords publishing.

  • Easily target/create PPC ads for mobiles

You can now specifically target your ads campaigns to appear on iPhones, iPads, and other smart mobile devices.

  • Better manage multiple accounts

If you are running more than one PPC account (for separate businesses) you can now make quick changes to each respective account more effectively.

  • Easier access/options to make changes to negative keywords

You can now toggle between positive and negative keyword options instead of having to select separate tabs.

If you would like more information about the new release, visit the AdWords Editor Version 9.0 release notes.

If you have tried out Version 9.0, what do you think?

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