Running a Remarketing Campaign

Running a Remarketing Campaign

How many times have you researched something you have wanted to purchase in multiple websites? How did you come to your end decision? Was it price, quality, or something else that you couldn’t put your finger on?

You may not realise it, but a company conducting remarketing may have been that thing you couldn’t put your finger on, and the thing that lead to ultimate your purchase decision.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing refers to a company’s banner ads appearing on websites (on Google’s Display Network) to users who have previously visited that company’s website.

For example:

Barry is researching for a holiday in Thailand at the end of the year. He visits multiple websites to compare resort rates and locations. He found one particular resort via a Pay per Click ad. Throughout the week he continues doing research as well as his usual online surfing.

One particular resort, the PPC one, keeps on popping up on certain websites he visits, offering a special promotion. Whether or not Barry consciously realises this, this resort is using remarketing strategies. At the end of the week, he books this particular resort’s promotional holiday.

How Remarketing Can Help Your Online Marketing

A remarketing campaign is great for continual brand awareness to those who have already visited your website, and also helps capture those who have previously abandoned the buying process.

You are able to tailor your display banner ads to specific specials or eye-catching selling points to encourage those visitors to come back to your website, and ultimately purchase from you.

Drive more conversions in the way of sales or registrations

Promote awareness of your brand online

Encourage non-buyers to go back and buy (discounts)

Getting Started with Remarketing

To run a remarketing campaign, you firstly need to be running a PPC Campaign.

Once you have that set up, you can follow the simple ‘7 minute setup guide’ from Google Adwords Help Centre to get ready to start remarketing to your site visitors.

We have seen some great results with our clients remarketing campaign as we have been able to capture those undecided buyers in the later purchasing phase.

We have just heard about an online shoe business that has doubled their PPC ROI since starting a remarketing campaign. Have you achieved similar results? We would love to hear about your success!

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