Simple Steps to Advanced Web Copy

Simple Steps to Advanced Web Copy

This is the final in my series on writing conversion-friendly sales copy. In my previous articles, I have covered the steps required to write top notch homepage, category and product page content. As a special goodbye to this series, I am offering a free goodie for those of you that enjoyed it. Read on for more details!

Today, I will go a little deeper into writing general sales copy for pages on your site that do not specifically sell products. This could be a description of what your company does or the different services you offer.  It also encompasses pages that extoll your amazing cutomer service and delivery timeframes, and landing pages that target specific keywords as gateways.

The last one in particular is a crucial page. Say you sell locally made fluffy dice and are targeting ‘locally made fluffy dice’ as a keyword. At the same time, your locally made fluffy dice is not a category of its own and actually falls into many categories. Your trusted SEO specialists will tell you to make a dedicated landing page. However, if this this page is not written with captivating content and good options to push visitors to the actual conversion pages, then a lot of visitors will bounce.

This means wasted traffic and lost $$$.

So how can you bring these visitors into the warm bosom of your website?

Step 1: Identify your Reader

The first and paramount step is to identify your visitor. Think about this like firing a gun – if you don’t take the time to aim right, then you won’t hit the target … even if you shoot a million rounds.

So make a crystal clear profile of your visitor in your mind. Write a paragraph on who they are. Some questions that will help you do this are:

  • Who are they, demographic-wise?
  • Why are they on your site?
  • What do they want from being on your site?
  • What benefits are they looking for?

Step 2: Write the Content

Writing content for gateway pages follows similar rules to writing homepagecategory and product page content. The key difference is that more content is required – aim for 500 words, if you must then settle for 300 words at a bare minimum. As an aside, I recommend reading the excellent book “Made to Stick” by the Heath brothers for pointers on how to write “sticky” content – i.e. content that “sticks” in their mind.

2.1 – Identify the Need

Start with a hook and then spend a few sentences building rapport with your customer. Show them that you have been in their shoes and that you know what they need/want. Be specific here – don’t sell to everyone or you will sell to no-one.

e.g. – Welcome to – your #1 source for the very best in locally made fluffy dice. We know how important it is to get Australian made fluffy dice that will endure the harsh Australian sun without fading. And we also know that, as a patriotic Australian, you want to support the local economy, etc etc.

2.2 – Offer a Solution

Outline your product/products. Make sure that they are explained in enough detail. Use specific details to describe them.

e.g. – We have a huge range of Australian made fluffy dice. Our locally made fluffy dice are made with 100% Australian made cotton. They have been constructed with wool from the mythical Occa-Merino Sheep, genetically engineered with genuine Steelo to ensure softness and durability. etc etc

2.3 – Promote your Solution

The next step is to show the reader how your range of products or services will solve their exact problem. This must be done in a way that builds huge amount of trust in your brand. This can be done by:

  • Add credibility to your claims by quoting statistics
  • Quote authorities and testimonials from famous people or people that specialise in that product
  • Give them inside information, e.g. I have a deal for you

And be mindful of the following mistakes:

  • don’t come off as a sales person
  • don’t overhype it
  • don’t rush them with nonexistent urgency

e.g. – Our locally made fluffy dice are used by 1000s of Australians and have been proven to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. Over 70% of all fluffy dice sold to cattle farmers in the Northern Territories are sold from A little known secret is that Hugh Jackman is actually a lifelong customer of ours. He even used them in his trailer while filming Australia, as advertised in Cosmo. With a return rate of under 1%, you are almost guaranteed to be so happy with your fluffy dice that you actually go ahead and marry them.

2.4 – Call to Action

Call them to action – make sure they are spurred on to do what you want them to do. This could be to place an enquiry, or to browse a category or categories. If you are unsure of the tone or the way it will come off, read it out loud and ask yourself “does this sound natural?”

e.g. – For the discerning animal lover, we recommend the genuine Koala skin woven fluffy dice. Or try a genuine steel wool fluffy dice from the Kalgoorlie mines if you get into frequent high speed car chases. For more of our range, see the links below:

Step 3: Make It Easy

Once you have written up the content, add a list of useful links at the bottom of the content. Then go through the content and look for places where you can add inline links to point readers to other parts of the site such as product pages, other information and contact forms. The objective being to make it as easy, natural and hassle-free as possible for your visitors to take the action or actions you want.
What You Can Do, Today!

If you commit to using this system, I WILL PERSONALLY COACH YOU! Use the pointers above to write content on any page on your website and email me at [email protected]. If you do this before the end of April, I will reply back with a detailed review and tips on improving that content.

Is that a deal or what?

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