Make Smarter Decisions with Google Analytics Data in AdWords

Make Smarter Decisions with Google Analytics Data in AdWords

Recently, Google made it possible to import Google Analytics data into AdWords. After importing the data, AdWords users are able to directly see Google Analytics metrics such as: Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Average Visit Duration (seconds) and even the Percentage of New Visits at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels. While this information has been visible in Google Analytics for a long time, the new data import feature makes it easier and much more convenient for AdWords users to understand which areas of the Pay Per Click campaign could be further improved.

Benefits to Advertisers

Being able to see metrics such as Bounce Rate will help Pay per Click advertisers to make smarter decisions, by providing better understanding in the following areas:

  • The engagement level of your paid search traffic at different levels: campaign, ad group and keyword
  • The well performing areas where target audiences are engaged and more budget should be allocated
  • The not-so-well performing areas that need to be revised to improve campaign performance

Finally, this new feature will be particularly helpful for those AdWords accounts that do not have conversion tracking installed. If the advertiser is not tracking conversions in AdWords, but understands the engagement level of their paid search traffic, they will still be able to make smarter decisions regarding their AdWords Pay per Click campaigns.

How to Import Data from GA to AdWords

Before you are able to import the data, you’ll need:

  1. Admin access to both the Google Analytics and AdWords accounts
  2. The AdWords account should have auto-tagging enabled
  3. The Google Analytics account should already be importing cost data from the AdWords account
  4. In Google Analytics, the Data Sharing Setting should be set as: “Share my Google Analytics data with only Google products only”

Now, you are ready to import the data! Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your AdWords account
  • From the top tabs, select “My Account” and then select “Linked Accounts”
  • You’ll be able to select the Google Analytics profiles from where you want to import data
How to Import GA Metrics to AdWords


Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about importing Analytics data into AdWords. Happy analysing!

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