Social Media and Public Holidays – to Tweet, or Not to Tweet?

Social Media and Public Holidays – to Tweet, or Not to Tweet?

Public holidays are usually associated with time off work, relaxation and spending time with our loved ones. The spaces between business and holidays have in the past been well defined: when we close our business doors on a public holiday, all customer interaction immediately ceases.

But as we all know, you can’t close the door on the internet, and certainly not on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. In fact, a major source of relaxation for most people is to surf the net in their holiday downtime – so where does this place your social media campaign?

Just as you might wish your family and friends a happy holiday, so too would you do this for your customers and social media followers. Overstepping the ‘business boundary’ in this way will make your social media interaction more personable, and your devotees are more likely to hold a personal trust and loyalty to your brand as they would any Facebook friend that makes the effort to interact with them on public holiday downtimes.

In general, buying activity will be quite low, and in addition to this, shooting sales messages and promotions at people during their days off may not hold you in a positive light. But this is a prime opportunity to build credibility, trust and conversation because attention will typically be much higher on these days than on working business days.

This is also a great opportunity to get your followers ready for any upcoming promotions. If you know you’re about to release a special deal on a certain product, get them talking about that product and put it in their head without trying to blatantly advertise the upcoming promotion. That way, when you are both back in regular business mode, your promotion will have an effective attention base to leverage off.

So in a nutshell:
-Keep your door open for social media during public holidays
-Steer away from blatant marketing messages and promotions
-Use this as an opportunity to build conversation and credibility
-Be where your consumers are, and build off the heightened interactions

At E-Web, we use our own social media management tool, “E-Web Social” as part of our holiday plans – this means we can write, plan and schedule social media activity ahead of time to automatically appear on our pages without us touching our smart phone or laptop in the middle of a family lunch. These pre-set activities are programmable on most major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and most blogging software systems.

If you are unsure on how to handle your social media campaign this Easter long weekend, or want more information on pre-programmed social media activity such as “E-Web Social”, give us a call on (612) 9438 5633 or speak to your dedicated Campaign Manager today.

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