Start Managing Your Rep Online Now

Start Managing Your Rep Online Now

It does not matter if you are a small, medium, large or multinational organisation. The days of calling social media a fad or something your kids are wasting their time on rather than doing their homework are over. In fact I would go as far to say it is just plain bad management of the external factors that affect your business.

I am also not suggesting you post photos or homemade videos of yourself at your brother’s 20 wedding anniversary on the company blog. Or using it to vent about being mistreated by a particular organisation. I am saying that your product or your brand should be represented accordingly – the way you want it to be. Otherwise you could end up in the same kind of hotwater as United Airlines. After a musician watched his prized guitar get damaged without any compensation, he used his talent, his skills, and online social network to generate amazing buzz and turn a whole demographic against a large organisation.

This is much more than as well some “stick it to the man” student rally either. It was an extremely well crafted campaign that was flawless in its execution.

So What Should My Company Be Doing?

Your company should be monitoring what people are saying online. Right Now.

It’s not hard to do either. Here are a few tips:

  • You can set up Google Alerts under your Google account to send you an email everytime a particular name, phrase or keyword that is important to you is indexed.
  • You should have a Twitter account, even if the only purpose it serves is to interact whenever someone mentions your brand.
  • You should keep track of any product imitators or thieves on YouTube and other image/video networks.
  • Visit the major blog search engines that cover the leaders in particular niches, as well as the up-and-comer follower blogs.
The best strategy we have found to keep tabs on our online reputation is to check early in the day before 9am, and then quickly at lunch time, finishing off with the last 10minutes or so of the day just before we shut up.
If you don’t start now, it just might be a little too late. Being pro-active in this area is much, much more beneficial for your reputation.
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