The Internet: Survive the Economic Downturn

The Internet: Survive the Economic Downturn

Though the economy may have dropped and your industry may have taken a hit, in most cases what has happened so far and what is forecast to be coming, it is simply not enough to put most businesses out of action all together, only slow the total turnover temporarily. In fact many of the top businesses today are in such prominent positions and have such a large market share because of their ability to adapt to the economic situation, and prevail far better than what would have otherwise been impossible.

Many business owners and marketers know that in an economic downturn the last thing that any business should do is to start cutting back on marketing spend, what has made many of the above mentioned businesses flourish in similar circumstances in the past is to do just the opposite, increase their spend. This does not mean you should simply pump more money into every faucet of your marketing campaign and pray that things turn out alright. The key here is to diversify less, only use the most effective avenues of marketing and use them aggressively!

Times like this are a great opportunity for your business to gain market share by marketing aggressively, while all your competitors are (hopefully!) pulling out of the race. Granted not everyone can afford to be marketing aggressively, which is why you need to ensure the money you are spending, is being spent wisely. Instead of mass marketing, try something a little more targeted.

Online marketing is almost certainly one of the areas you should be aggressively utilising. below are just some of the reasons that online marketing is so effective:

– Because the internet is a free service the amount of user will only grow as our economic situation gets worse.
– The ability to target as broad or as narrow a market as you like.
– It has very little if any initial investment.
– Very low risk.
– The ability to invest time instead of money.
– In many aspects you have advantages over the bigger players of your industry.
– Provide in depth information (your site can contain many pages where an ad is very limitiing).
– Your progress is completely measurable.

If you are not already implementing some form of online marketing for your business there is no better time to get started .

Below are some quick and effective ways to increase the return of your online marketing campaign.

1. Implementing pay per click landing pages that are specific to keyword groups you are immediately better enabled to have specific content and advertising on the pages relevant to the keywords that the visitor came in on.

2. Clearly stating your companies’ competitive advantages in a prominent position on your home page and other important pages.

I very rarely see any websites that put in the extra effort required to add quality content to their main pages. Having content that intrigues the visitors and contains good sales copy will not only add valuable information to the site that will benefit the user and result in more sales, but it will also improve your search engine rankings to bring in more visitors.

The main question you need to answer in your content is:
Why should someone choose your product/service over your nearest competitors?
It may be wise to consult with someone who has experience in this area as they will often charge a small fee in comparison to the possible returns it will generate.

3. Implementing an incentive’s banner on the right hand side of your site. It is well known that the eyes tend to catch anything on the right hand side and just off the top of a site. This is prime real estate to place the most intriguing incentive you can offer, by including and highlighting/bolding words like “free” and “save” will ensure that the banner captures the viewers attention and assists them into making an inquire or purchase. Making it big, bright and clear.

4. Search engine optimisation is more cost effective that any other form of advertising available today. Implementing an effective search engine optimisation strategy on your site can be done at a relatively low cost in comparison to any other forms of marketing and it will also generate far greater returns.

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