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Is your website healthy enough to attract big spenders as lockdowns ease?

Get your website noticed by consumers who are keen to splurge when COVID restrictions ease. Book a FREE SEO AUDIT and 1-hour strategy session to find out how to whip your site into shape. Lockdown has been tough on small businesses – particularly in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. But stay-at-home orders are expected to ease soon, which is good news for companies across Australia. Consumers who are...

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An important skill to foster when doing business online is the ability to look at your product/service through the eyes of your customers, but this is more difficult than it sounds. Without being able to observe and experience the usual physical interactions as you might in a normal store, how do you respond to your customers' behaviours and plan for future trends in these behaviours? It's...

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If there was only one SEO strategy that could be implemented what would you choose? If thinking in terms of the common SEO technique you might say that you would implement something like title tags, they're fairly important right? But if I take a step back and have an overall look at the situation I think there is a lot that can be learned from this...

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In the current era of Internet usage, it’s still amazing that some websites don’t understand how to serve their customers, and make people jump through hoops to get in contact with them. Combining that with an overuse of new technologies, it is a recipe for consumer frustration. The inspiration for this post came from when the author was trying to discover the location of a Sydney...

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Making your site more user-friendly could mean the difference between profit and loss with many of today’s e-commerce websites. Improving a sites usability is often overlooked and in my opinion it is one of the most crucial points to the long term success of any business planning to make an impact on the online market. By reducing the amount of thinking evolved for a visitor to use your site you greatly increase the probability that it will result in a sale.

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