Test Your Site Speed with Google Analytics

Test Your Site Speed with Google Analytics

Site Speed is important, this much is not new. We wrote about the importance of site speed back in July. I won’t go into much more detail about why as you can refer to the previous post, however, I will summarise for you just in case you are not interested in making that extra click.

Important Reason #1 – User Experience

  • Poor user visitor retention and visitor loyalty
  • Loading time affects conversion friendliness
Important Reason #2 – SEO
We know for a fact that Google has been using Site Speed as a ranking factor since way back in April 2010 when our SEO correspondant, David, quoted from the Google blog stating, “Google is speeding up the internet for all users, as faster sites create happy users, and happy users are users that stay online longer.”

Robot says, “Web analytics are cool!”

So what? After you ask yourself if users, conversions or SEO are important success factors to your online activities, and realise that they are, the next logical step is to ask, how fast does your website go?


Not sure how to find out? Well as always, Google has the answer. In a previous post, I discussed the new page load speed reporting features being offered by Google Analytics and also some cool questions you can answer with this data. The good news is that this feature no longer requires you to modify your GA code or activate anything – it’s just there!!


Now what do I do? I advise you log in to your Google Analytics account and assess how your website is performing. You will see three tabs listed under the Site Speed report: Explorer, Performance and Map. The Performance tab will give you awesome insights into what speed brackets the majority of your web pages fall.


In conclusion. The data that can be gleaned from this new feature will help all areas of your online campaigns. I encourage you to get your team involved in utilising this data for the greater good!!
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