Thanks For the Party Google!

Thanks For the Party Google!

Last night was Google Australia’s Christmas party for their clients and Irene, Gary and myself went along for the event. I must admit that as we came off the harbour bridge I could see a giant ferris wheel in the same direction as the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour (the venue for the shindig) – this got me excited! But alas it was just a coincidence that it was setup outside the entry to the gardens. I figured if it was organised by Google they’d have plastered it with logos so my hopes were dashed as we got closer.

I had mixed expectations about what we may be in for, however the event was quite good. The theme was of course tied in with the venue and we were served by waiters and waitresses in Geisha outfit/makeup for the evening, and each came away with some gifts along the same vein. The turnout was nice, the rain was luckily minimal, the food was tasty and the drinks flowed on throughout the evening (I have a terrible headache today to attest to that!). It was great to meet face to face with some of our friends at Google as well as meet a bunch of new ones and hear their stories.

A couple of pics from the evening below;

Mel & Gary
Gary with our “AdSense Angel” Mel

Irene & Kate
Irene with our “AdWords Angel” Kate

Irene & Joshua
Irene & Myself

Gary & The Drinks!
Gary & the Dangerous Drinks Menu

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