The 2013 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook

The 2013 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook

Last week I read The 2013 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook written by Power Retail. I am extremely impressed by the amount of information and level of detail that has been crammed into this book. It contains a host of fascinating and informative articles on leading brands such as Rocket Internet and Click Frenzy while also containing a list of Australia’s Top 50 Retailers. Additionally, you can read detailed results and analysis from a Benchmarking survey that helps you compare your business to industry leaders when it comes to traffic and conversion rate.

Article Features

  • Rocket Internet: This company is held up as an example of a leading online retailer and personally, I’ve always been fascinated by their processes so was delighted to find a large and detailed feature on the company’s business plans and how they are looking to approach the future of online retailing. These guys have one of the best checkout processes in the industry and this book highlights how Rocket Internet manages to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Click Frenzy: This is another company that gets a detailed overview and we discover some amazing statistics relating to it including the fact it has received 22 million page views with a miniscule 22% bounce rate and how it managed to achieve 2.6 million views in a single night. It was fascinating to note how 30% of Click Frenzy’s traffic comes from mobile visitors.
  • Catch Group: There is a terrific article on how this organisation has managed to grow over the years with a massively increased database and membership.

Special Features

  • Top 50 Online Retailers: This is definitely one of the biggest selling points of the book. It breaks down Australia’s top 50 online retailers and allows you to compare your own business with special attention paid to mobile and social media marketing.
  • 6 Keys to Performance Success: I won’t give everything away (you’ll need to buy it to benefit!) but one of the keys is to reinforce a brand offer through differentiated packaging and impress the customers through a great purchasing experience.
  • Load Speeds: The book gives tips on how to improve load speeds and points out how slow loading times can negatively affect sales. For example, major companies daily with revenues of several hundred thousand dollars a day can lose $2.5 million a year if their site experiences a one second delay.
  • Press Release Anatomy: This is a great section and features Click Frenzy’s excellent PR launch which was one of the year’s best while breaking down a successful press release into sections.


This book is so filled with detailed analysis and statistics about online retailers that I don’t know where to begin but if you enjoy delving though facts and figures while discovering how successful online retailers go about their business, you will absolutely love this book! The main issue I have is that there doesn’t seem to be a set of clearly defined criteria for awarding Top 50 online retailer status and it is not apparent in the publication. Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable read and I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues.

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