The EdgeRank Apocalypse: What It Means for Your Facebook Page

The EdgeRank Apocalypse: What It Means for Your Facebook Page

Just like Google, Facebook likes to keep us on our toes. The gurus behind the big blue ‘F’ are constantly changing the appearance of the social media hub, its overall usability and most recently, the EdgeRank algorithm that determines what posts are displayed and how high they appear in our news feeds. While previously posts from pages you liked would appear in your news feed, this recent change means that priority is now given to the posts that have high quality content and user engagement via likes, comments and shares.

This change has caused an uproar from page admins, sparked countless blog posts and (like all Facebook changes do) led to accussations of the social media giant’s evil, money-mongering intentions.

What’s all the hatin’?

With these changes implemented, many companies are being forced to use the Promoted Posts feature which essentially means that your post can appear high up in your fans’ news feed, but you have to pay for it (cue the aforementioned money-mongering accusations).

EdgeRank checker, a website that calculates the overall EdgeRank score of your page, did a little (and by little we’re talking an analysis of about 3,000 pages) digging into how the EdgeRank change has affected pages.

The results weren’t exactly what we would call encouraging:

  •  -25% decrease in organic reach
  • -45% decrease in viral reach
  • -17% decrease in engagement

This significant drop resulted in pages giving their fans instructions on how to see more of their content. But this isn’t the most ideal response.

‘What should I do to avoid this monstrosity?’ I hear you ask …

  • Focus on content – Put yourself in the shoes of your fans – what would you like to see, what would you engage with, what would you ‘like’? Think to yourself, “if I saw this post come up in my news feed, what would I do?” If the answer is that you’d ignore it, don’t post it.
  • Time it – look at your Page Insights and see what time of the day your fans are active. There’s no point posting at 10am if your fans don’t become active until after 6pm.
  • Don’t be too text heavy – mix up your posts with a range of photos and videos. This not only creates more engagement, but it gives your page and your organisation more of a personality which is a definite plus.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little cash on the Promoted Posts – This feature is here to stay so rather than be afraid to use it, or annoyed that it exits, embrace it. Before you do though, make sure you have a strategy with measurable goals. There’s no point promoting your ‘Happy Monday everyone, what did you get up to this weekend’ post. Instead, spend your hard-earned cash on the ‘Which dress do you prefer, A or B? Shop them both here *insert link*’ post which accompanies a coinciding colourful and unique image.

How have you responded to the EdgeRank changes? If you have any extra tips, share them!

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