The Era of Marketing Holistic Strategies Has Come

The Era of Marketing Holistic Strategies Has Come

Nowadays to be #1 in Google is not longer enough to be successful. To attract your customers and to persuade them to buy from you is not enough either. To be really successful your products have to become an essential part of customers’ life.  To do it you have to implement holistic marketing strategies. The more holistic is your marketing approach the stronger is your future presence in the market.

To get Olympus, of course, takes time and money. To do it you have to invest Now into Future customers. If you are looking at your customer as the once-off buyer the advertising is pointless. In most industries now cost per conversion in Google is almost the same or even bigger than the value from this conversion. However, if you are looking at this conversion as a future investment and can find a way to return existing customers or to attract their friends using word of mouth potential, – your business will have a chance to survive in this competitive world.

Most of Big brands have understood it already. For most of them (Telstra, Pepsi, Nestle, Samsung and more) brand reputation and loyalty are very important. In most marketing campaigns they use the same communication idea in offline and online communications. This consistency helps to build the brand knowledge and to let people understand the brand idea a best way.


4 Main Advises how to achieve the Holistic Approach:

  1. The most obvious thing and a good rule of thumb is to have your website mention (or another main digital platform name) in all your communication channels (if it is TV advertising or sales presentation for the partners).
  2. One more trend is people nowadays are more and more intolerant to direct advertising. To sell now you have to build a conversion funnel. As a rule you have to:
  •  Identify your potential customers and what channels they prefer to use. The best way to do it is to create personas profiles
  •  Engage potential clients into discussion giving them relevant content. Under ‘content’ we mean not only blog articles, it can be a separated informational branded website, interactive useful tool as this fuel calculator,  mobile application or game and more
  •  After you have attracted potential clients into communication and have built a demand for your product in their mind, you can try to sell them it. This tool, that Google has recently created, can show how long it can take to get a new customer on board.
  1. To go beyond it you have to think how to use your own employees’ potential to promote your business. Most business owners forget about it and sometimes not all employees even know the correct website name (what to tell about company mission then).
  2. In conclusion, our E-web recommendation to you – if you are doing offline campaign to thing how to support it online. If you are doing online campaign complete it with offline activities. This approach allows to increase the campaign reach and to reduce price per contact.

In the era of marketing holistic strategies it is essential to think wider about digital. Digital it is not only Facebook, Google and your website anymore. It is also: complimenting online client services (that allows to pay online, to book online, to sign contract online), mobile applications, hashtags, video promotion, virus campaign and much more.

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