The Google Dance

The Google Dance

Are you finding that your rankings on the Google results page are all over the place? Are they bouncing around like a high-energy hip-hop performer? Or leaping from place to place like a ballerina? Blame the Google team and their dancing skills. Yes, programmers can dance too. The “Google Dance”, as it’s called, is the fluctuation in position that occurs when the Google algorithm re-organises the rankings. It’s like a nerdy version of musical chairs, really…

As a bit of background, most business websites don’t rank highly for the keywords related to their products or services. So business owners, marketing directors, and anybody with an interest in appearing on the first page of Google contact SEO companies to get them there.

Let’s say you’re in this situation, and your SEO company has just completed the initial round of SEO work on your website. Now Google’s algorithm starts realising that your website has become more relevant for certain keyword queries. Yet you’re currently nowhere to be seen in the search results. Well, Google simply won’t stand for this! The reason for its success is its ability to show highly relevant results. If every time you searched on Google it gave you terrible, useless options, you’d simply stop going back, right?

However, the question remains: where amongst the millions upon millions of rankings should you now be placed? Enter the “Google Dance”. Over the next 3-5 days you’ll be cha cha’d, salsa’d, fox trotted, jived and waltzed across multiple pages. Until, finally, the music stops and your new position is found. But this won’t just happen once.

Every time your site is any way optimised, the Google system evaluates if you should move higher, lower, or stay where you are. For example, if you upload new content, receive new links to your website, or add new pages. If your traffic starts increasing, you begin getting social proof through being shared on social networks, or as your domain name starts to age. If any of the thousands of factors the Google algorithm judges you on are affected, then it begins all over again.

So, shall we dance?

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