The New Google Analytics: An Update

The New Google Analytics: An Update

A quick update here for all our readers who have not been keeping up with all the exciting new changes happening with Google Analytics currently. Google unveiled on March 17th at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco some exciting information. A new version of Google Analytics is currently in beta testing with a limited number of select users! Google’s vision for the new version is to make it easier and faster to get data, and to enhance the Google Analytics platform to add major new functionalities. These innovations have been largely influenced by user feedback.

Here are but a few of the released features of the new and improved Google Analytics. I’ll be updating you all as the news breaks on more updates in coming weeks.

Custom Dashboards– The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into your Google Analytics account. The future holds a redesigned dashboard which is widget-based and highly customisable.

Multiple Dashboards – It gets even better with not one but multiple custom dashboards! Each one can be customised for different types of analysis.

Quick Insights with Plot Rows – This feature has been implemented to make it easier to identify trends and understand how traffic has changed over time. Plot rows enable users to quickly focus on the finer details of information in the summary graphs, which are found at the top of most Google Analytics reports. The Google Analytics blog reports that with Plot Rows, you can graph any two rows alongside the overview, from which you can then easily determine how much a row contributes to the whole. Or you can compare two lines against each other to look for comparison trends.

Check out a video demostration of this cool new feature here:

The new version of Google Analytics is currently available in beta to a small number of Analytics users. Google will slowly be giving access to more users over the coming period. If you are interested in checking it out before the global release then sign up for early access here.

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