Three Steps to Quality Category Page Content

Three Steps to Quality Category Page Content

Continuing on from last week’s article about writing quality homepage content, in this post I will present some general tips and a simple 3 step process for writing quality category page content. Category pages are important due to their high volumes of visitors. However, it can be difficult to write good content for them, as the visitors coming through the pages are looking for a wide variety of products or services.

General Tips

  • Cater to your audience. Think about their demographic and motivations at all times.
  • Convey to your business’s unique selling points (USPs). NEVER write generic content that can be put on your competitors’ sites with minor edits. For example, “ has a large range of fluffy dice” can be copied with the URL replaced.
  • For E-Commerce sites, leave enough room to show images above the fold. Consider implementing collapsible divs (the links that show/hide text) if your category pages require 300 words of content for SEO purposes.


A category description can be as short as 4 or 5 sentences. One very powerful conversion optimisation method for category page content is the 3 step HIT.

1. Hook them

The first thing to do is to hook your readers. Use your first sentence (or first clause) to grab their attention with a statement or challenge that relates to the CUSTOMER and what they need. Start with an active verb (eg get/add/enjoy/find) to pull them in. Also, use emotive words (eg directed/equipped/upgraded/ahead of the pack).

Example – Get blinged out on your Mini Cooper with the ultimate large fluffy dice look, available online now with

2. Inform them

The next thing to do once you have captured your readers’ attention is to tell them what is in your category – mention ranges/brands/best sellers – and why they are good. Make sure you push your USPs, for example “at low prices” or “always in stock”. Inform your customers about the variety and quality of products available in your category.

Example:  Our range of fluffy dice include leading brands such as Furrari, Fursche and Mazdice. From simple mirror dice to amazing dice with lasers and disco balls, you will find the right accessory at the lowest price to take your car from zero to wow.

3. Tell them what to do

Once you have established a want in your readers’ mind, finish strong with a call to action. The call to action should give them a sense of urgency – using words like “now” and exclamation marks are the easiest way to do this. Make the required action sound easy. If possible, present only ONE call to action, and make it as simple for them to do it as possible. DO NOT MAKE THEM THINK. If you want them to call you, include the number. If you want them to email you, clearly present a link to your Contact Us page.

Example: Ask our experts if you want a customized fluffy dice, or buy online now!

What You Can Do, TODAY!

Look at the content on your category pages – if you were a reader, would you be compelled to look at the product range below? If not, follow the simple HIT structure and you will have quality category page structure to turn your readers into customers!

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