Three Steps to Quality Product Page Content

Three Steps to Quality Product Page Content

Writing quality sales copy on your product page could be the difference between a page visitor adding your product to their cart or … looking somewhere else. To make a salient analogy, think of homepage content as the things you say when you meet a girl – general, high-level info that extols your virtues (aka USPs) in obvious and not-so-obvious terms. Category page content is like the first few dates where she finds out more about who you are, while still wanting more – she gets enough info to be teased along but it’s the mystery that will drive her to your product pages (aka your place), where it’s all about closing. Ensure the last few critical steps to the checkout page are effortless.

In this post, I will break down what it takes to write quality sales copy for your products in a few simple steps.

Classify Them

Before you put a word down, make sure you know exactly who you are writing for. If you try and cater to everyone, you will get no-one. Hence you have to best guess your target audience. If you miss the mark with some visitors, that is OK – as long as you sell the products’ best qualities, you will get a good reaction even from the people that fall outside your target demographic. For this reason, give most of your time and attention to this part of the process.

Questions to ask that will help narrow down :

  • Who is buying the product? This is not necessarily the end user!
  • What will motivate them to buy? It may be price, quality, specific features.
  • Why are they buying the product?

1. Hook them

The first sentence has to hook the reader’s attention. It could state a situation the product fits or tell the reader how the product will impact their life. Mention the product name in the first sentence if it is appropriate.

eg – The N-79 Fluffy Dice will give your girlfriend a run for her money as the cutest thing in your front seat.

2. Inform Them

The content in a product page has to give the reader enough information to get excited about your product. This should be the bulk of the text on a product page description.

To get the reader excited over your product, plug the features of the product (especially over other products in your range). Features are equivalent to USPs. Talk about SPECIFIC features tailored to the audience. Paint a picture that fits their fantasy (and not yours). And a word for the corny, it’s OK to use cliches here.  What isn’t cool is to use big words to make yourself sound good or write too techy (unless your audience are geeks and actually want techy).

You can use bullet points, charts and images to illustrate your points here. This breaks up the text and makes it easier to read. Which in turn makes the page more conversion friendly.

eg – Taking safety another level, the N-79 has padded fluff with magnetic sensors, meaning the swing of the dice detects your head and adjusts its swing accordingly. For additional comfort, the N71 has a scented air-conditioning unit built into it. The voice activated GPS ensures you never get lost by detecting street names and addresses as you speak to your passengers, getting rid of unnecessary and ugly GPS units. it has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-fi to stream your fluffy dice to any cellphone or portable device.

3. Tell Them What To do

The last step is where you guide them through to check out with a “smooth move” (oh yeah!). Give the reader a next step and make it seem like there is a consequence to not taking the step. You can use scare tactics to make it seem risky to not buy, or alternatively use a call to action to give a subtle command.

eg – Don’t leave your car a hostile zone any longer, buy your own N-79 today!

What You Can Do, Today!

You may have a lot of products on your site, and writing content for them may seem like a huge endeavour. Start small – pick a few of your top sellers and rewrite the content for them. Once you see your sales/enquiries increase you can look at doing the next lot. This is also massively SEO-friendly, as Google will love you for uploading content regularly. Go write some content, today!

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