Time Spent on Facebook Revealed

Time Spent on Facebook Revealed

We’ve all wondered just how much time we spend on the ubiquitous Facebook. According to research released this week by ComScore, the answer falls somewhere between “a lot” and “wow, I need to get outside more”. Check out some of this worldwide report’s key findings:

  • For every 7 minutes spent online, 1 is spent on Facebook
  • Facebook accounts for 3 out of every 4 minutes spent on social networking
  • Over 55% of the global population interacted with Facebook in October 2011
For your viewing pleasure, the folks over at Mashable.com have put together this infographic video of the world’s collective Facebook addiction.

It isn’t all about Facebook though … just mostly. Another key finding from ComScore’s report was that Twitter, often looked on as Facebook’s overshadowed younger sibling and biggest rival in the social networking sphere, has increased its user base by 57% over the past 12 months. So though a strong Facebook presence is necessary for most brands that take their online marketing seriously, businesses should be wary of putting all their social media marketing eggs in one basket.

Where do you anticipate that your customers will spend the most time in 2012: Facebook, Twitter, or another social network?

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