Tips on Passing the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

Tips on Passing the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

Thinking about taking the Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam? After passing the first stage to becoming Google AdWords Qualified, I have compiled some tips about the exam which will help you to be better prepared when you take it, and increase your chance of passing.

About the exam:

  • 120 multiple choice questions
  • 2 hour time limit (one you start you can not pause the exam and come back later like the Google Analytics Exam
  • 85% pass rate (you can’t get more than 18 questions wrong)
  • $50 fee to sit
Things to know:
  • Before taking the test, you need to have your Candidate ID number on hand, which you can access in the Google AdWords Professional program- My Exams tab, once signed up.
  • Google makes you download an application that prevents you from opening other tabs and windows on your computer while sitting the exam. So in theory, this is not an open book exam. However, it’s still very possible to take in your own notes.

Study Tips:

  • Read ALL Fundamental lessons in the Learning Centre
  • Spend time playing around in the actual Google AdWords My Client Centre so you know where things are
Exam Tips:
  • If you do not know or unsure of a question, give it your best shot and ‘mark’ it, so you can come back later after you have gone through every exam question
  • Read questions carefully. Sounds silly, but there are some subtle differences in the wording of questions
  • If you plan to have notes on hand (which I recommended especially for ad formats and formulas), make sure they are ordered and specific so you are not flicking through and trawling through a heap of text
My best advice is pretty simple –  study!
Good Luck!
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