Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Web Images

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Web Images

You spend hours writing blogs and creating spiffy images to post on your website and send out via your social media channels – but are you getting the most out of all of that effort? Here are some tips to give you confidence that you’re getting the most from your website images.

Why the focus on images? Unique and creative web images are more valuable to you than you might think as they help you with your search engine visibility, branding and ultimately, sales. Images are powerful communication tools that get your point across in a direct and succinct manner. Through social media, they can have a very far reach and can be a good source of getting your message, service or products in front of the people who need them most.

Getting the Most for Search

  1. Use description and keyword rich file names
  2. Think relevance when it comes to the text around your images such as captions
  3. Link your images from other pages
  4. Add relevant descriptive text to the image alt attribute
  5. Add specific image tags to a sitemap to show the level of importance of certain images to search engines

Getting the Most for Social

  1. Inspire! Use images that are relevant to your audience. The more compelling your images, the more people will be likely to share them
  2. Use standard formats to make your images easy to display no matter what device people may be using (simple yet important)
  3. Post your images on your website as well as on social media sharing sites such as Flickr, Photobucking, Pinterest, Picassa, Instagram etc

Getting the Most for User Experience

  1. Use high quality images – no one likes looking at grain, low quality pictures. How does this make your company look?
  2. Ensure the image is highly relevant to the information you are providing
  3. Don’t make your viewers think. Thinking outside the box is great, however if the user needs to put in heaps of effort to understand the message contained in an image then there is a good chance they won’t give you the time of day
I would like to thank Ashley Zeckman for the inspiration for this post.
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