Top Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

Top Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

With all the fantastic tools out there to help you market your business online, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. This is what Robert Kiyosaki would call a “high quality problem”! But let’s face it, your time is your most valuable asset and you have more productive ways to spend it than trial-and-erroring your way through all those tools – especially when I’ve put together this handy list to help you out.

So sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn about my top picks for online tools to make your marketing – and your life – a lot easier.


For Keyword Research

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This tops the list as the best free keyword tool available. Here’s why:

  • It’s totally free
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It uses Google’s own data to suggest results
  • It suggests keywords you might not have thought of
  • You can export the information to an Excel spreadsheet
  • It reports on organic search numbers as well as paid search budget costs

The Google keyword tool is a great starting point for basic keyword research. If you need more advanced functionality and don’t mind paying for it, consider Market Samurai.

Market Samurai

This tool not only finds keywords, it also helps gathers data on your competitors’ websites without you having to do any manual research. Here are some of the things that Market Samurai can tell you about the websites you’re trying to outrank:

  • Domain age
  • Backlinks to their domain
  • Backlinks to specific web pages
  • Backlink from .edu, .gov and other high authority websites
  • Page titles, URLs and headings

Market Samurai is more suited to experienced online marketers. To see if it’s right for you, take the free trial offer and watch the video tutorial on their website before you buy.


For Website Audits

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is the best tool I’ve found for performing on page website audits, which tell you how your website appears from a search engine’s point of view. You can quickly collect and export to a spreadsheet information such as:

  • Page titles
  • 404 errors
  • Heading tags
  • Anchor text
  • Image alt text
  • Internal backlinks
  • Canonical tags

Screaming Frog is a great time-saver for on page SEO analysis … imagine having to look for all that manually!


For Email Marketing


One of the most popular email marketing platforms out there, AWeber offers a whole host of benefits:

  • High delivery rate (crucial for successful email campaigns)
  • Email newsletter templates
  • Automated responses and follow ups
  • A/B split test system

One possible disadvantage of AWeber is that it only supports English language emails. If you need to send communications using Chinese, Arabic or other non-English characters, Mailchamp is a good alternative.


For Backlinks Analysis

Ahrefs Site Explorer

If you’re interested in serious backlinks analysis, Ahrefs is the specialised tool that you need. The most useful and in-depth feature it offers is the ability to identify the anchor text of each of your competitors’ backlinks. This provides valuable insight as to the quality of backlinks, not just the quantity.


For E-Commerce Solutions


For those doing online business on a budget, E-Junkie is a great alternative to paying a web developer to integrate a shopping cart with your website. You don’t need to install any complicated scripts, just a short piece of HTML code is all you need to accept payments. It can also integrate with the PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net payment systems.

The biggest advantage of this service is that there are no transaction limits and only a small payment processing fee. It only costs $5 a month to get started and you can upgrade to higher plan if you need to sell more products.


And there you have it! A list of top tools for savvy online marketers to get more out of their online businesses. Do you have any favourite tools that I haven’t mentioned here? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 🙂

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