Twitter not the Golden Goose?

Twitter not the Golden Goose?

There has been plenty of talk go into Twitter of late: much of this talk being about the amazing growth rate that has been going on over the last two months. The biggest issue facing the blue bird is now keeping the new members, and initial reports indicate that all is not well in Twitterland.

Nielsen online research has recently indicated that 60% of new Twitter users do not go back to the service after a month of signing up. This is a large dropout rate, and if it continues at this rate then Twitter may not be the dramatic economic force that some pundits are predicting.  Supposedly,  this 60% dropout rate will only lead to a 10% growth figure in the future.

To give you some sort of benchmark, Facebook and Myspace had double the retention rate when they were emerging platforms, and now have a retention rate of around 70%.

We were having a bit of a brainstorming session on why the retention rate is so low, and we came up with this as the main reason: Twitter relies solely on the users to provide a reason to stay around. If you are following boring people (Oprah anyone?), then you are quickly going to bore of listening to their drivel. Facebook and Myspace made it easy to find people to interact with, while Twitter doesn’t have that same effect.

Do you think Twitter will last? Can you think of any sure fire ways to increase retention rate? Leave a comment- feel free to put your Twitter name also!

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