[Video] Andrew Morello Reveals How to Win Friends and Influence People

[Video] Andrew Morello Reveals How to Win Friends and Influence People

Andrew Morello is a former winner of Australia’s version of The Apprentice. We were naturally delighted to welcome him to our office to teach us a thing or two about the world of business. He kicked things off by pointing out the value of support and spoke of how the backing of his parents enabled him to take more risks since he knew there was a fallback option. He also explained that the sacrifices made by his parents helped instill in him a keen work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

One thing we immediately noticed about Andrew was his passion and his genuine desire to tend to people’s needs. During the talk, he was adamant that if you’re going enough at what you do, people will follow and believe in you. This is essential if you want to create a business from the ground up. He then continued with 7 steps he believes must be followed if you want success in business:

  1. Preparation – Always do your homework. Hire others to deal with your weak areas and surround yourself with people smarter than you
  2. Enthusiasm – Be excited and energetic about your business and customers will follow
  3. Evaluate to Dominate – Tailor your proposals to suit your customer’s needs
  4. FORD Principle – Build a relationship with clients by talking about their Family, Occupation, Relaxation and Dreams. He believes that if someone is comfortable enough to share their dreams with you, enough trust has been built to forge a great relationship. He practices this everywhere, even with cab drivers!
  5. Cultivate their Interests – This is a continuation of the act of building rapport
  6. Be a Problem Solver – Don’t enter business for the money, start up your company to help people solve their problems and you will be a success
  7. Win-Win – While you need to be something of a hunter, you also need to be a farmer to plant the seeds of success. This means developing win-win situations where you and your customers are happy with the outcome

Overall, it was a fantastic talk with an exceptionally talented, hardworking, energetic and savvy entrepreneur. We’d like to thank Andrew Morello for taking time out from his busy schedule to come and educate us on the principles of successful business. Enjoy the presentation!

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