Video Playing a Bigger Part in Search Engine Results

Video Playing a Bigger Part in Search Engine Results

In the ever evolving and increasingly technical and complex world of SEO a new factor is coming out to play a bigger role in the race for search engine traffic. “Blended” search results are increasingly prominent and are taking up valuable search result real estate and moving traditional search results further down the page. Here in lies the opportunity for poorly ranking sites to be able to grab some traffic pie by giving their video footage the best chance of ranking.

Video results currently appear randomly on the results page in Google but are generally always on the 1st page. They appear as thumbnails, making them very tempting to the user to click and see if they can get an answer to their search query without having to do anything that requires effort such as more clicking or reading. Here is an example of search results for the keyword ‘golf cart’.

Maximising your ability to drive traffic through video search results requires you to take one or both of the following paths:

1.       YouTube – Upload your video footage

Pro: This is the easiest way to be sure that your video will be indexed by Google.

Con: Users will have to view the video in YouTube therefore increasing the required steps for them to get to your site (should you have provided a link in your video description?)

2.       Video SEO

Enabling your videos to be indexed by Google requires some addition effort compared to the previous step.

i.            Get some videos

ii.            Submit the video to Google via Video Sitemap

iii.            Ensure your robots.txt is configured to point out videos to crawlers

iv.            Optimise titles and title tags

v.            Remember that Video SEO is normally long tail based, meaning that you’ll normally get video search results for longer keywords

Of the many and hard to predict directions that online search can take, videos appear to be something that will hang around for a while. This is definitely something worth putting some time and effort into as part of any complete online marketing campaign so what are you waiting for? Whip out your camera and make some home videos on your business or product and get more search result pie!

For some more detailed information on Video SEO check out Benjamin Wayne’s blog post on TechCrunch here.

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