WEBINAR: The Earthbound Bird Takes Flight: Google Penguin 3.0

WEBINAR: The Earthbound Bird Takes Flight: Google Penguin 3.0

I recently did a short webinar presentation on Google Penguin 3.0 and the impact it can have on businesses. Fortunately I was able to record it for later sharing – now!

Here’s the description of the webinar and the video itself below. Enjoy!

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times. While many of these changes are minor and somewhat un-noticeable to the untrained eye, Google occasionally rolls out a “major” algorithmic update which affects search results in significant ways.

Understanding these changes will help you gain rankings and website traffic, ultimately improving your businesses search engine optimisation (SEO) results.

In this webinar, Matthew will talk about the motivation behind its release and the potential consequences for online businesses.

You will learn:
– How changes in Google impact your business
– How to stay up to date with changes in the Google algorithm
– How to protect your business from future algorithm updates
– How Penguin works and what Penguin 3.0 is all about

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