What Are The Costs For Mobile Marketing?

What Are The Costs For Mobile Marketing?

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Following on from last week’s post about how to get started with mobile marketing, your next step would be to set up the goals and objectives of the campaign, which will in turn define which strategies and tactics you should use. We should note here that mobile marketing shouldn’t be the one and only channel you adopt, but rather it should complement the channels you are already using.

With that said, there are many mobile marketing methods and thus tools that can complement your existing marketing strategy. Each method employs different tools and costs vary, however some common denominators include:

  •  Research time as to which strategy would be the best to use
  • Campaign management time
  • Building, implementing and launching the campaign
  • Reporting on the campaign
  • Measuring the success of the campaign

From the above list, you can see that there is a heavy cost emphasis on time and knowledge. The reason for this is because they are the costs that are going to tell you whether or not your campaign is successful.

In a nutshell, your most significant  initial cost will be your time, and/or the time of the people on your team

The other tools that I am referring to would include such things QR code generators and NFC tags, but these only equate to a fraction of the total you invest upfront.

Logistically, you can implement a mobile marketing strategy if time permits you to become knowledgeable in the field. If time is a luxury that you don’t have, then employing the services of a mobile marketing expert would be ideal.

Next week I will cover the costs involved for each of following mobile marketing tools:

  1. Mobile PPC ads
  2. Mobile SEO
  3. QR codes
  4. NFC tags
  5. SMS
  6. Apps
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