What Google+ Brings to the Online Marketing Mix

What Google+ Brings to the Online Marketing Mix

When Google+ launched, there was a lot of buzz about how it might affect the Google search results, SEO and PPC. Now that Google+ has been around for a few weeks, let’s have a look at how things are going.

Like Facebook, the primary value of Google+ as a marketing tool is that it collects information from users. The sort of information that will assist the search engine giant in delivering results specifically tailored to the preferences of each individual user. Most are predicting that Google+ will equate to a huge revenue boost for Google (which already reported a killer last quarter), as it allows the search engine to deliver users more targeted ads, leading to more ads being clicked and more money in Google’s pocket.

So what kind of data can Google get from Google+ users?

  • Google Circles – A way for you as a Google + user to separate your contacts into groups. It’s like social networking, as it allows you to organise certain people as co-workers, family, friends etc. So if you join a ‘Harry Potter’ circle, you’re indicating to Google that you’re a Harry Potter fan, and should expect to see more Harry Potter related ads.
  • Google+1 button – You can +1 so many things, from status updates, images, web page etc. It is naturally assumed that what has more +1s will be more authoritive and trusted by Google. Even ads can be +1’d, which would encourage higher click-through-rates.
  • Google Sparks – This function lets you add interests and generates links related to those interests.  You can also share those links with your circles and discuss them. Again, this is giving Google another level of understanding when it comes to targeting ads.
  • Profile data – We don’t really need to say much, the profile details Google gets from your Google+ will be invaluable for targeting the right demographics.

No hugely noticeable changes to the Google search results have yet been reported as a result of Google+, making it appear that the search engine is still in the data-gathering phase before it inevitably updates its algorithm to reflect its wealth of new information.

While Google+ remains in its early days, now is the perfect time for businesses with SEO campaigns to establish complementary social media initiatives. The logic is simple: the stronger your web presence, the more opportunities your brand will have to be +1’d, and the more opportunity you’ll have to be found in the world’s largest search engine.

As for PPC, Google+ is a boon for those running AdWords campaigns. It’s going to lead to more targeted traffic and better ROI. Again, getting a social media presence to back up your PPC advertising will help to build awareness and credibility in the Google+ world.

So don’t risk delaying while your competitors are jumping on the Google+ jet and getting ready for takeoff. Get yourself sorted with some Facebook, Twitter and YouTube optimisation today! If you’re not sure where to start, you are welcome to give us a call for some complimentary advice.

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