What Makes a Great Place to Work?

What Makes a Great Place to Work?

For the second year in a row, E-Web Marketing was voted as one of the “Best Place to Work” in Australia. This year we moved up 5 positions to be ranked #2 overall. I am really proud to be working with a great bunch of people at E-Web.

So what makes a great place to work?

To answer this question, I found this really great video posted on Michael Fox’s blog 22 Michaels on what drives people to work. Having listened to the audio version of the book last year, I found this video to be a fantastic book summary.

In the video, it describe 3 main factors in driving out the best of people at work, and you may be surprised that money is not one of them. Instead, they are:

  1. Autonomy – the desire to be self directed.
  2. Mastery – the urge to get better and better at something that matters.
  3. Purpose – the desire to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves.

So how do E-Web Marketing fare in each of the above?

  1. Autonomy – We’ve been working hard to create an environment where our team can have freedom and responsibilities without being controlled. We invest a lot of time in ensuring that new people that join our team are the right fit for us, and after that it is just a matter of giving them all the tools they need to succeed. The only boundaries each individual is governed by are our core values and company mission.
  2. Mastery – ‘we love online, we love business’ is our marketing slogan. It is our passion to connect the dots on how to help business grow online. At E-Web, there’s certainly no shortage of challenging work in the very dynamic industry of online marketing. Our company core values state “We challenge the status quo and look for opportunities to make breakthrough innovations in products, processes and services.” I’ve always said to new people joining our team, if we wanted to do something simple, we could just be counting apples, but it wouldn’t be challenging to us and we will get bored of it really soon. The challenging work is what drives us to get out of bed and excited to come to work each day.
  3. Purpose – – when you look in the dictionary for the word “work”, one of the definitions is “Such activity as a means of earning income; employment”. Most people go to work for the sole purpose of making money and we feel that is the wrong way to look at what work is about. Yes making money is an essential part of survival in the modern society, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you do and make money at the same time. E-Web is driven by the purpose of bringing Happiness, Success and Fun (HSF) to everyone we encounter. If we just try to take care of our own personal needs and wants, yes we can attain a level of happiness. However, greater fulfilment comes when we are able to bring happiness to other people.

    Our vision one day is that if all companies can share in the same or similar vision of bringing HSF to everyone they encounter, work would have a new definition in the dictionary: “Such activity as a means of bringing happiness, success and fun to others, whilst attaining fulfilment and earning income; employment”.

    Instead of having just a few companies considered to be a great place to work, all workplaces can be considered as great places to work. Can you help us with our cause?

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