What Runs Where for PPC?

What Runs Where for PPC?

Have you ever wanted to know what your competitors were up to on the internet?

With traditional marketing, it’s a lot easier to see and hear what your competitors are doing – just keep an eye on the television and magazines. With online however, there are hundreds of mediums that marketers are using, making it a highly involved task to accurately track everything going on in your industry.

What Runs Where?

The good news is that this task just got easier for those of you who are managing a PPC Campaign, specifically on Google’s Display Network. ‘What Runs Where’ is an awesome spy tool that can give you an insider look at what your competitors are up to. An online advertising data tool developed specifically for the Display Network, ‘What Runs Where’ crawls the web for text and image ads from your competitors and shoots you back the data. You can then sort through the data for specific relevance for your online business.

Just some of the things you can view and track…

The images and text ads your competitors are running

The landing page these image/text ads are being directed to

Historical data on changes your competitors have made over time

Search by specific keyword/s or competitor domain

How it can help the success of your campaign …

Keep tabs on your competitors

Gain new market insights

Effectively plan your own Display Network campaign

Track and measure your performance as compared to your competitors

Improve ROI

But it doesn’t come cheap…

Of course everything comes at a cost, and this a valuable research tool goes for a monthly subscription of $249. For some quick insights, you could use the tool for 30 days to get the data you need to optimise your Display Network PPC Campaign. If however you were wanting to track your competitors over time, you may need a longer term investment.

Similar Products Out There?

E-Web Marketing’s PPC Team have come across something similar called Keyword Spy. Their verdict is though it seems to have accurate information about ads targeted from competitors, the keywords targeted do not entirely reflect what is happening with the ads as you search (live data). They’ve also encountered Adbeat, but judge that its data is more limited and not as in-depth.

So what’s the catch?

I am surprised such a tool exists. After going to the What Runs Where website, I am a little sceptical about the product/service. Why? Read the following text from the site:

“This research significantly reduces testing and research costs and imporves your ROI. Don’t belive us? Watch the video below to see the produce in action.”

And watch the following video.

What do you think about its legitimacy? Have you tried it before?

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