What the New Facebook Means for Online Marketing

What the New Facebook Means for Online Marketing

Facebook is undoubtedly a key marketing tool and a leading online social contender that is continually changing the landscape of Online Marketing. Following the Annual F8 Developer Conference last week, Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled major changes to the profile page design. These are to be rolled out within the upcoming months, and will have great affect on the way businesses should interact with Facebook users.

One of the biggest changes to the social network is the introduction of the Timeline, which replaces a user’s profile with a timeline of their recent and current Facebook activities – including status updates, photos and in some cases geographical navigation. Additionally, users are able to explore the Timeline of those within their network and post applications on their Timeline page for easier access to the things they enjoy doing. Evidently, Facebook is no longer about creating a profile for those in your network to view, it is now a communication hub to consume games, movies, applications and other media.

The most significant aspect of the new Timeline is the fact that user actions such as “liking” a Facebook page will not feature in the new Timeline view. Although “like” activities will still appear on the News Feed page inclusive of other fast-moving sets of updates from each user, the issue that arises is the declining importance of the “like” function for E-Commerce and Brand Facebook pages.

To find out more on the Facebook Timeline watch the video below. To find out how to use the new Facebook Timeline click here

Valuable News Feed space now requires businesses and advertisers to be increasingly creative towards interacting users through content. This entails Facebook brand pages to build an “engagement style” in the quality of their posts, images and tone online.

Another critical change to note is the new class of Open Graph applications allowing users to share what they read, listen to and watch with users within their network by featuring new “Listened”, “Watched” and “Read” buttons. This will mean that advertisers on Facebook will soon be able to better qualify the users to target through analysing their preferred applications, popular buttons and access of related pages. The availability of this new media sharing information will allow Facebook advertisers to ultimately turn Facebook activities into marketable data, which will aid them in developing targeted Sponsored ads.

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