What Your Business Can Learn from Manchester City FC

What Your Business Can Learn from Manchester City FC

I have to start off this post by making an admission. I’m a sports tragic, I spend far too much time and money in following professional sports teams, specifically the Wests Tigers and Bayern Munchen. In keeping with the theme of wasting time, I came across this article from Manchester City FC (MCFC), who are giving people the opportunity to take a look at their player performance tracking. From the article:

This data is a time coded feed that lists all player action events within the game with a player, team, event type, minute and second for each action, together with the x/y/z co-ordinates for each event

MCFC knows that if you can understand every detail of what is happening on the pitch (or in your case, your business), you can identify your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Once you know what’s happening at each step of your process,  you can duplicate your successes, eliminate your failures and dominate your matches.. or sales!  In order to start though you’ll need to collect this information.

Tracking Checklist for Businesses

Are you tracking everything you can about your customers online?  Below is a basic checklist of what you should be tracking at a minimum. Are you:

If you are tracking and monitoring all of these areas, you’re ahead of most other on-line businesses in Australia. If you’re not even collecting basic information about your website such as visits per month or number of enquiries, then NOW is the time to get started and see how your website is performing. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account and take charge of your on-line business.

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