Where is My PageRank?

Where is My PageRank?

Vigilant PageRank checkers may be experiencing panic this morning, owing to Google changing the lookupURL employed by third party PageRank tools and sites. But don’t worry – PageRank is not dead!

In the past 48 hours, numerous webmasters relying on third party tools have been witnessing high PR sites dropping to ‘unranked’ or 0. PR 0 is what is commonly seen in newly established websites, so this has obviously been greeted with some alarm around the web.

For those unfamiliar with the term, PageRank is a numeric rating system (0-10) defined by Google as a technology that determines the “importance” of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as hundreds of other unmentioned signals.

Where can I check my PageRank in the meantime?

Most third party tools and sites are yet to update the lookupURL, so if you do need to put your mind to rest (and don’t mind reading a little Dutch), you can still see where you stand here: http://pagerank.demo.budgetscripts.nl/

Do keep in mind, that Google PageRank is not the be all and end all of achieving website goals. Looking at actionable metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate and clickthrough rate (CTR) should still be an important focus no matter how big or small your site is.

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