Why E-Web Marketing Hates Long Weekends

Why E-Web Marketing Hates Long Weekends

E-Web Marketing was recently recognised as Australia’s Best Employer by the ActionCOACH My Business Awards.

It was a moment that prompted our CEO Gary Ng to utter the comment “It’s enjoyable for me to turn up at work every day. I hated [last] week because there was a damn long weekend, I didn’t go to work on Monday”.

As you can see in the video above, that quote was met with laughter from all in attendance – except for the E-Web contingent. To the E-Webbers, that was a perfectly normal comment that describes our reality pretty well.

In a world where Monday-itis is rampant, what would prompt Gary to say this?

#1 – A Fun Environment
We get a lot of visitors to the office – in fact, we encourage them. Pretty near all of them ask us if we get any work done around here, and if so, how we do it? It’s a pretty fair question to ask when you consider our recreation room houses:

  • 2 big screen plasma TVs
  • 2 Playstation 3s
  • 1 XBox
  • 1 Wii
  • 1 media centre
  • 1 ping pong table
  • 3 foosball tables
  • 1 pool table
  • 1 poker table
  • 1 set of DJ decks
  • 1 sleep room with massaging armchair
  • 1 dance studio complete with mirrors

That’s just the start though – the main office area is brightly painted and decorated in themes, fresh fruit is brought in every week and our Head of Security, a West Highland Terrier called Woofie, roams freely in the hallways.

And while the environment is great, we would still go on record as hating long weekends even if E-Web were a cold, dingy cube farm.

#2 – A Vision Worth Striving For

“We exist to bring Happiness, Success & Fun to everyone we encounter”

Isn’t that a vision that would inspire you? To motivate you? To give you clarity when you are confused?

In a generation with no great war and no great cause, the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and more noble than ourselves is cherished by every E-Webber. It’s a vision that extends to our fellow E-Webbers and clients, of course. But it is extended to everyone we come into contact with – even the mailman, who makes it a point to come up to our office instead of leaving mail in the slot.

It’s a fantastic vision, but even without that vision, we’d still be itching to come into the office on a public holiday.

#3 – People That Make an Exceptional Culture
Imagine walking into a room and seeing 40 of your best friends. Imagine seeing them buzzing with excitement and laughing. Imagine them smiling and high fiving you. Imagine joining a group conversation and being accepted regardless of how you look or feel. Imagine them offering you candy. Imagine them making you laugh. Imagine them making you forget there’s a world with traffic and troubles and worries.

This is E-Web Marketing on a Monday morning.

And this is truly what makes us want to come in to work, on Monday and every other day. It’s the closest thing to walking into the school playground as a child. Our 40+ team members are young at heart, fun in nature and supportive at all times. It’s not all about fun though – every E-Webber driven, motivated and committed to success. Without our work ethic, we would not have the respect that binds us all so tightly. Respect that is earned, rewarded and honoured.

It’s this respect that drives change throughout the company and allows us to be agile and stay ahead of the game in a fast paced industry. It’s this respect that allows us to have the culture we have. And it’s this respect for our fellow E-Webbers that makes us say that we hate long weekends!

Gandhi famously said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The change that we at E-Web Marketing wants to see in the world is more teams full of people that are nurturing, constantly growing and challenging themselves every day.

What change is your business being?

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