Why Google Remarketing Rocks

Why Google Remarketing Rocks


What is Google Remarketing, and how can it help enhance your web presence and increase your conversions online? If you’re not already taking advantage of this nifty feature in your paid search advertising, you may be missing out on easy sales pickings.


Google Remarketing creates repeat opportunities to capture conversions from visitors who left your website without making a purchase or enquiry. When you’re running a remarketing campaign, a JavaScript code gets installed in the browsers of visitors to your website. For visitors who leave without converting, this code will trigger your display ads to appear to them when they visit websites in Google’s Display Network. Essentially, Google Remarketing keeps your previous visitors from forgetting about you!

Buying cycle optimisation

Many visitors will look through your products and services during the “research phase” of their buying cycle, in which they are not yet ready to commit to a purchase. One of the most effective remarketing strategies used to improve conversions is to target visitors who have recently abandoned their shopping cart. Remarketed ads remind these visitors of your website during the later stages of their buying cycles. Otherwise, your website may be forgotten and you end up losing to a competitor.

Highly targeted advertising

Another advantage of remarketing campaigns is that they are extremely useful for audience and ad segementation. Remarketed ads can be delivered to your entire website audience, or to subsets of them according to their activity during their initial visit. For example, if your website was promoting two product lines relevant to two separate audiences, you can serve up particular ads to each audience on Google’s Display Network, based on the products they browsed while visiting your website.

Brand boosting power

Remarketing can also build up your website’s brand equity. In 2008, a study by Microsoft using a leading high street bank found that display advertising is 7 times more effective when combined with search. The research showed that search and display advertising, when used in conjunction, increased traffic to the bank’s website by approximately 23%. This was is seven times as much as the display ads alone and three times as much as the search ads.

Building brand equity provides long term online marketing benefits which is why it is the main objective for many businesses. Remarketing is a very cost-effective method of branding. A Cost-Per-Click based model, its pricing flexibility allows you to select the maximum amount you would like to pay for clicks, conversions or impressions. This means you can allocate higher bids to ads directed at a subset of site visitors that you feel are most likely going to convert into a sale or enquiry. You are also able to exclude ads from displaying on particular websites which you may not want to associate with your brand.

Go forth and Remarket

Google Remarketing can be extremely effective in building a relationship with previous visitors to your website, who might otherwise forget about you. Remarketing offers tangible benefits in terms of lead generation and conversions, and it also does wonders for the branding of your company. And that’s why I think it rocks!

To learn more about Google Remarketing, watch the short video tutorial below:

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