Why Is It So Difficult to Market a Search Engine?

Why Is It So Difficult to Market a Search Engine?

How do you market a search engine? This is one of the most difficult conundrums facing those who are trying to gain their share of the search market.

Interactions between a search engine and its users tend to be much more frequent than most businesses as visitors are constantly coming back on multiple occasions. The interesting thing about this is that 25% of the time search engines are right on the money, in that they return the type of search results that user’s are looking for.

On the flip side of this, 25% of search results returned were not at all what the user was after.  The reason for this was that the results returned either ceased to exist or simply were not available on the web.

So why is it so difficult to market a search engine? Well the reason is that it’s more difficult to market this type of direct experience – especially if the search result returned is not what the user was after. For new search engines, the aim of the game is to take away some of Google’s traffic and direct it those search engines. This is of course a great challenge for new search engines as users who currently are satisfied with one search engine (think Google) are probably less likely to look at using something new.

There are of course recent scenarios where this may not be the case – but whether this will actually lead to some type of longevity remains to be seen. For example, Microsoft’s new search engine baby Bing has received a lot of hype since its launch which has no doubt lead to a significant number of user’s trialing this new engine. However, will a user permanently make the move to Bing if their search results are not significantly better quality than those of Google’s?

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on the success of Bing in a few months. We will have a clearer indication at that stage whether anyone even remembers what Bing is!

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